I’m Neil Jose and I’m a Digital marketer who loves reading books. Growing up, I wasn’t an avid book reader as I had no clue how life-changing reading books could be.

It was around 2013, right when I started my Engineering degree that I decided that I must invest time in reading books. I was always a curious person looking for answers and that’s exactly what motivated me to start reading books. 

Throughout these years of reading books something that I realized was that it’s necessary to do proper research on the books that you’re about to read beforehand as this lets you know whether the book you’ve picked is worth reading or not. 

Back in the days when I started reading, I’ve spent time reading books that didn’t bring any value to the table. And that made me realize how important book reviews are and why they mattered.

The Red Pill Read is a catalog of the best books I’ve read, along with an in-depth review of the books in all three formats (text, audio, and video). I’m sure that you’ll have a great time reading the books recommended in The Red Pill Read library.

I wish you all a great time reading!


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