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On Purpose Leadership

On Purpose Leadership is a book written by a leadership coach and public speaker named Dominick Quartuccio. As the title suggests, this book is about strategies for developing effective leadership qualities. The target audience of this book includes entrepreneurs, company supervisors, and also individuals who aspire to be leaders in their craft. In the book, Dominick shares the 4 tenets of an On Purpose leader, which include being:
4 tenets of on purpose leader

There are separate chapters in this book that are dedicated to explaining each of these tenets in detail.

A recurring message that the reader will find throughout this book is that a leader must walk the talk. For the people under your wing, to view you as a trustworthy leader, you need to prove yourself with your actions more than your words.

When it comes to the reading experience, I felt pretty relaxed reading this book. They have used a good font size that’s easy to read, there’s proper spacing between the sentences, and there are illustrations used in every chapter that the reader will find engaging. Also, to highlight the important points, bold text is used.

Looking at this book’s words per page count, I felt their approach was quite generous because, on average, you’ll find around 140-160 words per page. So even though this book is around 270 pages, you can finish reading this book in a couple of hours.

Another good thing about this book is that the author shares real-life examples of the clients that he has worked with and how implementing the tenets of On Purpose leadership impacted their lives.

One of the stories that I felt really connected to was that of Dominick’s sister, Mary. Growing up, she faced difficulty in processing what was being taught in school. And most of her teachers would complain about her poor academic performance.

But all this turned around once she got her new school teacher, Mrs. Unrath. Mrs. Unrath took great interest in Mary’s education and with her support, Mary was able to perform well in class.

Through this story, the author lets us know how important it is to have a mentor in life, someone who could help us stay on purpose and put us back on track every time we start drifting off purpose.

This book motivates you to take action, as you’ll find plenty of exercises, questions, and even an On purpose manifesto that you need to fill in at the beginning of this book.

Something that I’ve felt about self-help books like On Purpose Leadership is that they give you good insight, but there’s no point in reading these books if you’re not willing to put in the work. So that’s the bottom line, you need to do the work.

Now, should you read this book?

I’d say it greatly depends on the kind of work that you do for a living. If you’re someone who owns a business or if you’re from the corporate world and you have the responsibility to lead people and manage teams, you’ll find value in this book.

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